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"When I was young, I had a little friend; and one day, when other little friends were invited to a festivity, I said: 'Look here! You hide behind this curtain, and then nobody will know where you are.''But,' said my little friend, 'nobody cares!'

The pitiful experience indicated by this remark has remained with me, and I have frequently thought that when we are prepared to jump out from behind our curtain and surprise people with our opinions, we should be warned by my small friend's pathetic conclusion.

However, we never profit by other people's experience, so here I am" (Sothern, 1916, preface).



Honored to be headlining Europe again in the fall with Vanna, My Iron Lung, and CROOKS.20.11.14 Germany Leipzig Conne Island21.11.14 Germany Oberhausen Resonanzwerk22.11.14 Belgium Liege 6k fest - Salvation Night23.11.14 France Paris Divan Du Monde24.11.14 UK Birmingham The Oobleck25.11.14 UK Bristol The Exchange26.11.14 UK Glasgow Cathouse27.11.14 UK Manchester NQ Live28.11.14 UK London Underworld29.11.14 Netherlands Dorderecht Bibelot30.11.14 Germany Hamburg Logo01.12.14 Czech Republic Prague Futurum02.12.14 Austria Wien Arena03.12.14 Germany Stuttgart Hallschlag04.12.14 Germany Trier Ex-Haus05.12.14 Germany Schweinfurt Alter Stattbahnhof06.12.14 Germany Berlin Bi Nuu07.12.14 Germany München BackstageTickets: bandsintown.com/beingasanoceanxxoo


Honored to be headlining Europe again in the fall with VannaMy Iron Lung, and CROOKS.

20.11.14 Germany Leipzig Conne Island
21.11.14 Germany Oberhausen Resonanzwerk
22.11.14 Belgium Liege 6k fest - Salvation Night
23.11.14 France Paris Divan Du Monde
24.11.14 UK Birmingham The Oobleck
25.11.14 UK Bristol The Exchange
26.11.14 UK Glasgow Cathouse
27.11.14 UK Manchester NQ Live
28.11.14 UK London Underworld
29.11.14 Netherlands Dorderecht Bibelot
30.11.14 Germany Hamburg Logo
01.12.14 Czech Republic Prague Futurum
02.12.14 Austria Wien Arena
03.12.14 Germany Stuttgart Hallschlag
04.12.14 Germany Trier Ex-Haus
05.12.14 Germany Schweinfurt Alter Stattbahnhof
06.12.14 Germany Berlin Bi Nuu
07.12.14 Germany München Backstage

Tickets: bandsintown.com/beingasanocean


If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry.

Edgar Allan Poe (via feathery-soul)

(Source: letteratura-litterature)